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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Waiting or just going for it?

On the way to the perfect life there are all sorts of excuses or procrastination that makes taking action hard. But as in most of life we just have to try things. If one combination doesn't work well then try another.

Don't wait to make the opportunity. Keeping doing things and the opportunity will come. What's more you'll be prepared because the journey of just doing so many things brings out qualities you wouldn't know you possessed and experience that you wouldn't otherwise have had.

We an in an age of information where there is so much of the stuff. Reading it all is going to be quite impossible. So we may as well question how was that information found? It was found by people trying things. That doesn't mean we shouldn't try anything new either. Much of history was made by people discovering things.

Particular areas where there has been so much fighting is nutrition and medicine. How often has opinion changed? Where nutrition has been concerned how many contradictions have you heard. I've heard thousands. One expert will say one item of food is good while another says its bad and on and on it goes. So some of us wait for the study to come out to indicate which way it goes. However, the important test is whether it works for you.

You can't wait for the study to confirm everything for you. (Even studies can have conflicting information.) So you may as well do some testing yourself. This is easy enough as you can omit an item of food for 2-3 weeks to see how you feel. You can add it back in to see how you feel. That's quicker than waiting years for the right study assuming it ever gets done.

Life is too sort to have everything confirmed, So stop procrastinating. Just try many things. Make you own observations. Don't just have your life dictated to you. Make the change yourself. Take more action than you read and you'll get more results. Have a diary to record your findings. Now you are making the news, not just passively doing nothing.