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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

How to Lose Your Resistance to Insulin

How to Lose Your Resistance to Insulin

By John Jackman, eHow Contributor

Insulin is the hormone chiefly responsible for transporting glucose from the blood into body cells. If you are resistant to insulin, this is sometimes referred to as pre-diabetes, which means your body is not breaking down and processing glucose as it should. There is no simple way to lose your resistance to insulin. However, altering your diet and taking regular exercise will help.


    • 1
      Cut out all products with a high glycemic index from your diet. These foodstuffs, including unrefined sugars, white bread, and corn and potato products, rapidly increase the glucose levels in your blood, increasing the levels of insulin and your bodies tolerance to the enzyme.
    • 2
      Eat foods with a low glycemic index, such as whole-grain bread and non-starchy vegetables. These foods will lower insulin levels in your blood and lower your body's natural resistance to insulin.
    • 3
      Take regular execrcise. According to Medicine Net, studies have shown that weight loss and aerobic exercise without weight loss both increase the rate at which glucose in the blood is taken up by muscle cells owing to improved sensitivity of the cells to insulin.
    • 4
      Visit you doctor if these lifestyle changes fail to lower your body's resistance to insulin. Medicines such as metformin and acarbose can both help, but it is best to try and lose your resistance through natural methods, such as weight loss, known to markedly increase insulin sensitivity in many people.

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